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Recyeled Material Benefits

Read White Paper About Manufacturing With Recycled Rubber and Plastic

Recycled Material

  • The combination of crumb rubber and a urethane binder gives the molded product significant durability and toughness
  • Well-suited to outdoor applications and severe environments (salt water, extremes of temperature, etc.) the composite stands up to considerable hardships, delivering durability and imperviousness under very harsh conditions.
  • Engineering/design
  • Easy design and validation compared to comparable products
  • A variety of products can be manufactured using our flexible manufacturing system (FMS) infrastructure
  • Our CAD designers will work with you to develop accurate models based on your idea/plan
  • Manufacturing is easily scaled up after prototype approval/validation with shorter lead times than other methods
Production Using Recycled Rubber
  • Products manufactured from these materials have significantly low total cost of ownership over their expected lifetime
  • Crumb Rubber / Urethane composite products contribute towards LEED rating points due to their significant post-consumer recycled content.
  • Crumb Rubber / Urethane composite products support environmental conservation (see section VII)
  • Millennium Molding products meet the desired specifications and adhere to highest quality and standards
  • Millennium Molding products meet or exceed regulatory requirements (such as ADA compliance)

Other Benefits of Molding with Recycled Rubber
  • Crumb Rubber / Urethane composite products contribute towards LEED rating points due to their significant post-consumer recycled content and also make the business ecosystem green
  • We significantly contribute towards state of California’s goal of increasing the number of tires diverted from the landfill, year-over-year
  • We also have the capability to fabricate or manufacture custom molds, reducing your product-to-market lead time
  • Our superior process lead to exact scale rapid prototyping of your product in 2-4 weeks
  • We are a green business, focused on business and environmental sustainability and on reducing the carbon footprint
Furthermore, Millennium Molding Inc acts as a “partner” and not just a standalone manufacturer in bringing ideas to reality. Millennium Molding offers customer protection though:
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Exclusivity Agreements
  • Technical and Manufacturing joint ventures
  • ď‚·oint cost reduction programs
Millennium Molding also offers complete turnkey programs that minimize product handling and shipping costs. We use the “You sell and we deliver” methodology. This further reduces Carbon Footprint of our Recycled Products.