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Rubber Shipping Cradles

Our truck shipping cradles and storage saddles reduce damage by vibration and last longer than wood. Made from recycled rubber it is durable, yet softer and gentler on your products. Our shipping cradles will also shape itself to the unique dimensions of the product giving additional support. Products naturally go to the proper place on our cradles, versus wood cradles, which you have to properly center when storing or securing product.. Rubber Shipping Cradles, Pipe Saddles, Pipe Cradles, Storage Cradles, Recycled Rubber Cradles
  • Recycled rubber absorbs road shock, better than wood
  • Grip pipes, barrels and other large objects better, because there is less slippage
  • Does not break easily
  • Lower cost of ownership, due to replacement
  • Safer for your material handling personnel to use
  • Reducing the risk of accidents
  • Fewer damage claims on delivered goods
  • Products store better because of natural centering
  • Made from California Recycled Tires