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Our Process

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Our experienced engineering staff consists of CAD designers who work with the
customer throughout the design process to ensure that a model specific to customer’s
needs and specifications is developed.

Once this model is developed, our engineering staff evaluates the feasibility of the design and explains you any potential flaws in the design sustainability. After this the staff validates the design, making the design ready for the prototype building process.

Our staff uses sophisticated engineering design tools and design for manufacturability principles to develop the conceptual model and is trained to effectively communicate any design issues/flaws that exist in the customer’s concept/request. Our engineers are consciously aware that spending appropriate time in the design phase makes sense, as it is not cost efficient to changemthe design once the prototype is built.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process is one of the best in the industry. We primarily use compression molding process to do most of our jobs. Our manufacturing processes are well equipped to handle all the combinations of Low volume – High mix and High volume – Low mix, Low volume – Low mix and High Volume – High mix.

Using proven lean manufacturing practices such as quick-changeover process, we can handle any mix and volume of orders. We also have sufficient capacity dedicated to R&D and prototype building. As part of our lean initiative, we also follow a sound preventative maintenance program, avoiding any unforeseen process breakdowns and providing our customers with good on-time-delivery metric.

Our manufacturing practices and processes follow the critical steps required to develop a product that meets regulatory compliance, meets industry standard and the specifications requested by the customer. We pride ourselves on our practices and processes and believe in them. Our belief in our sound processes has led us to offer generous product warranties, making us extremely competitive. Using the best and cost effective manufacturing practices, our products have a low total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to those made by our competitors. Our products have the best in class standards and have one of the lowest lead times in the industry.

Product Testing

To ensure that our products meet or exceed the highest quality and meet the required regulatory (such as ADA) and safety compliances, we either test our products in our in-house labs or with similar sophisticated external product testing labs. Our products only reach the customer, once the testing requirements and compliances are met, ensuring “peace-of-mind” to the customer for every product that the customer uses. We provide our customers with the testing results and a certificate, for every request that requires product testing.